"If improv to you is just loud-fast-funny, you haven’t experienced Tongue & Groove’s “serio-comic realism-based improv.” Using anonymous audience secrets, eight skilled actors create genuine, complex, unscripted relationships. Opening night’s many scenarios were both hilarious and painful -- just like real life -- anchored by a delicate clarity, and more moving than the best scripted plays. I’m thrilled and saddened, knowing that what I witnessed will never be performed again.The good news is your own unique show with Tongue & Groove awaits; like falling in love, it’s sure to be an experience you won’t regret or forget."
Philadelphia City Paper 2008

'Bobbi Block: Actress Who Will Lead Improv To The Promised Land'
City Paper Choice Award 2008

“…emotionally charged, often hilarious and always very physical…
These fearless actors make it their mission to bring the full range of real emotions to the stage…you’ll find yourself engrossed in the situation right along with them.”
Philadelphia Weekly 2007

"You can tell...when an improv group really fits together, and Tongue & Groove (like their name says) has all the good signs. The skilled performers effortlessly riff on all aspects of modern relationships, both comedic and dramatic."
Philadelphia City Paper 2007


Video of panel discussion "Improv is the Future of Theater", co-hosted by Bobbi Block.

Click here for T&G Artistic Director Bobbi Block's interview with InterAct Theater, 2016  

Producing Artistic Director Bobbi Block talks with WHYYs "Radio Times" host Marty Moss-Coane about improv, along with ensemble members Josh Rubinstein and Jenn MacMillan.  LISTEN
Recorded: 03.27.2008


"I was BLOWN AWAY!  I have never been disappointed by T&G, and can't say that of many other companies, improv or not … this is great theatre, acted with soul-baring sincerity, intelligence, and humor. GO SEE THIS!" 
       Mark Cofta, Theater Critic,         Philadelphia City Paper, 2010

"Though it's true that the action and dialogue are spontaneously created onstage, this carefully crafted procedure will explode your expectations about what improvisation can be. The performers …are funny, and masters of timing, but they dig deep into human behavior and motivation. You'll see …. [the] human experience, raw, painful, smart, sharp and beautiful, And you'll laugh till you get a head rush."   Phawker.com 2009
"Tongue & Groove [is a] talented troupe. ....It is fascinating to watch the scenes weave through each other… and…dazzling to watch these actors come up with excellent lines and strategies."  
               Toby Zinman, Theater Critic,
                 Philadelphia Inquirer, 2014
"The area's most under-rated theater venture...the truly inventive and unique Tongue & Groove."  
                         -City Paper, 2014
Read our FRINGE 2015 REVIEW of 
GROOVE (our collaboration with Blues Dancers and Musicians)

“The ensemble created beautiful scenes of sincerity and compassion and also created ridiculously hilarious scenes....I couldn’t help but sit there and secretly hope that my card would be the next one drawn. What do you want to do before you die? Add to that list: see this show.”       DCMetro Theater Arts
            Review of BEFORE I DIE, 2016

"What I find consistent in Tongue & Groove...is their insight into genuine human feelings and situations, even as they make us laugh. They don't contrive theatrical spectacle with unlikely coincidences for quick laughs; they probe real life in all its humor and sadness, glory and shame."                                                                              Broad St Review; review of QUESTIONS, 2017