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Tongue & Groove’s Mission  
To elevate the art form of improvisational theater.
Utilizing the technique of Actors’ Improv™, T&G creates theater that combines the dramatic integrity of playwriting with the playful tension of spontaneously generated work. 
Inspired by personal stories submitted by the audience, we examine authentic relationships, and perform emotionally dynamic, physically intimate, serio-comic unscripted theater.  
Our collaborative process results in communal connection between and among audience and artist.

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Tongue & Groove is now a member of CultureTrust!

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Please help us create exceptional unscripted theater. Your donations aid in our campaign to develop a wider audience, making more people feel 'seamlessly connected,' like our name says! 
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We are grateful that 
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Cultural Fund!

Tongue & Groove uses your anonymously submitted true thoughts and feelings to inspire our improvised scenes and monologues.  
You'll laugh, cringe, cry and laugh again 
as we explore the human experiences that connect us.