Cast of our April 2013 show "That Time" for which we collaborated with dance company RealLivePeople

Upcoming Performances

 Friday March 9 @ 8pm
March Madness!

We ask the audience:
what ignites your fury?

For example, the following infuriate T&G:

frigid temperatures

We take your anonymous maddening responses 
and instantly turn them into theater!

The PlayGround at The Adrienne
2030 Sansom St


Tongue & Groove is now a member of CultureTrust!  
That means we can accept tax-deductible donations!  

Please help us create exceptional unscripted theater.  Your donations aid in our campaign to develop a wider audience, making more people feel 'seamlessly connected,' like our name says!  Your dollars also help assure we continue to bring you excellence in professional talent.  

Thank you for your support!

We launched The Leftovers!
Using leftover submissions from each performance,we spontaneously perform 30 - 90 second videos and post on social media!  
Follow us @TGSTheater